Class Descriptions

Chakra Flow with Sara B

Investment: sliding scale $10 to $20

Chakra Flow is based on the ancient Chakra sequence of Lady Niguma. Each class is begun with a dharma talk, chanting the Bija mantras (the sounds believed to represent and tune each chakra), and a mild warm up. In Lady Niguma's sequence, each chakra has a handful of poses that are meant to be performed to untie knots around the chakras, stretch the area, gather their energy, and redistribute it. Targeting all the chakras in one class leaves many students feeling grounded and uplifted simultaneously.

While this class is done at a slow flow-pace, there is an invitation to practice the shoulder stand sequence and headstand during class. Modifications will be offered.  Appropriate for rising beginners.

Flow Fundamentals with Melissa B

Investment: $15

Are you ready to grow your static yoga practice into one that flows?  This class will break down sun salutations as well as daisy-chain the postures you already know and love into an accessible vinyasa flow practice.  Appropriate for rising beginners.

All Bodies Yoga with Jacqui GC

Investment: $15

This is yoga For People with Bodies.  All people have bodies, and all bodies deserve yoga.  This class is for anyone who wishes to cultivate a practice that is safe, kind, accessible challenging, and restorative.  This 1 hr class will include meditation, breathing, dynamic physical practice and restorative postures.  Appropriate for rising beginners.

Friday Flow with Meghan J

Investment: $12

This Friday Flow class is designed to shed the week’s stress and kick off the weekend with some fuller breaths. Moderately paced, this class helps students build strength, stretch out, and restore. Meghan’s work as a massage therapist gives her some unique insight to anatomy and where aches and pains might be coming from. She is into things like movement science, Zen Buddhism, astrology, anti-racism work, and the moon and any of these topics may be the source of inspiration in Meghan’s dharma talks and teachings.

Intro to Yoga with Melissa B

Investment: $15

Do you feel like yoga would be a good idea for you, but also feel like yoga is for other people (and certainly not for you)? Come give this introductory class a try. Absolutely no yoga experience necessary - just come with a willingness to calm your mind and get into your body.  Melissa can't wait to see you there.

Sunday Evening Chill with Melissa B

Investment: $15

Unwind from last week and get ready for next in this extended restorative class with Melissa Breedlove. Each class will include meditations, restorative poses, and a 20 minute Savasana. No yoga experience necessary.

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