Class Descriptions

All Bodies Yoga with Jacqui GC

Investment: $15

This is yoga For People with Bodies.  All people have bodies, and all bodies deserve yoga.  This class is for anyone who wishes to cultivate a practice that is safe, kind, accessible challenging, and restorative.  This 1 hour class will include meditation, breathing, dynamic physical practice and restorative postures.  Appropriate for rising beginners.

Yoga for Humans with Melissa B

Investment: $15

Do you feel like yoga would be a good idea for you, but also feel like yoga is for other people (and certainly not for you)? Come give this introductory class a try. Absolutely no yoga experience necessary - just come with a willingness to calm your mind and get into your body.  Melissa can't wait to see you there.

Feasible Flow with Melissa B

Investment: $15

Engage in an accessibly paced paced flow class including sun salutations and stacked standing poses to work the body, and then rest well with a full yoga nidra and savasana.  Some yoga experience suggested.

Yoga Book Club (teachers and books rotate)

Investment: $15

Get into your body with a moderately-paced one hour flow class, and then get into your brain and engage with your community at Yoga Book Club!  Teachers will rotate and the book will change every six to eight weeks - check the class schedule for details on the next session!

Wednesday Night Quickie with Melissa B.

Investment: $15

Get your yoga on and then get on with your evening!  We'll pack a full class and a short savasana into this 45 minute class.  Some yoga experience is suggested to participate in this moderately paced flow class.

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