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Melissa Breedlove loves to work with practitioners one-on-one in her home studio space. For each offering below, feel free to do any of the following:
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Please note that packages and payment plans are always available when working with Melissa - just ask!

Private Yoga Sessions for Absolute Beginners

Are you interested in beginning a yoga practice, but aren't really sure where to start?  Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of stepping into a public class, or are you concerned that you won't get enough individual attention?  Work with Melissa Breedlove for four, six, or eight sessions before venturing into a studio so that you can start your practice with safe alignment and confidence. 

Private Yoga Sessions for Rising Beginners

You've established your practice and understand the fundamentals of safe alignment.  You've been working consistently to develop both your strength and your flexibility.  You still find beginner's classes fun and challenging, and also you'd like to start to move more in your practice.  But when you went to that one vinyasa flow class, it moved WAY too quickly.  The teacher was calling out poses you didn't know, and by the time you found one they'd moved on to the next.  It was overwhelming, and you were a little worried you might hurt yourself.

Sound familiar?  If so, you are ripe for a rising beginner private package with Melissa Breedlove.  Come practice in a private setting for five sessions and learn the fundamentals of flow, with a special focus on moving safely and effectively through various types of sun salutations. 

Self Care Yoga for Any Practice Level

Are you more concerned with feeling grounded and engaging in intentional rest than you are with perfecting the alignment of your ardha chandrasana?  If so, this is the right kind of session for you.  Whether you'd like to start with a vigorous vinyasa flow or sit on the floor and barely move, this 90 minute session will be tailored to your needs and will include pranayama, restorative poses, and guided deep relaxation.

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